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Innovative structure

As organizations are built around structure and strategy, companies are more likely to achieve better innovation performance with a fully engaged workforce. Innovation tasks are carried out well, and decisions are made smarter.

Personal R&D areas

Research and development can contribute to productivity by helping to uncover new and better ways for designing, fabrication, and assembly of products and new ways of providing services.

Motivation team

Motivated employees lead to increased productivity and allow a company to achieve higher levels of output. Simply said, a motivated employee increases productivity.



Over the years, we have broadened our wide range of products ands services. Nowadays RENTEK is worldwide recognised as one of the major players in the independent aftermarket of spare parts production and marketing for trucks , buses , passenger cars, construction equipments ,  electrical cars & trucks ,  marine engines and defense industry ; exporting now 65 countries around the World

Our Mission

To grow four-fold on four continents by our 20th anniversary in 2023, adding value to every life we touch in each of our areas of operation with reliable teams empowered by our innovative, entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Vision

To contribute to rising standards of living by using our talents and energy to develop solutions that add value to people's lives in every region in which we operate.

Our Values

Inovation – Reputation – Fairness – Sustainability – People oriented